We already know the problem. You tried cleaning, painting, and replacing the carpet. But you still have that strong lingering smell of smoke, cigarette, and pet. It's a perfect unit, but that smell won't go away! We have industrial strength products to tackle the worst of the worst odors. Our process is quick, safe, and effective. Contact us today. Guaranteed results or your money back! It's SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE 

Here is list of what chlorine dioxide can tackle: 

 1. AUTO ODOR ELIMINATOR 2. ELIMINATES & PREVENTS (Mold & Mildew Odors) (FOUL ODORS) 3. DEODORIZING DELIVERY SYSTEM 4. (Not an) (More than an) Air Freshener 5. Actually Removes Foul Odors Caused by (Cigarettes) (Cigars) (Food) [and] (Pets) 6. [Removes] [Eliminates] [Works on] [Deodorizes] (smoke) (food) (pet) (cigarette) (vomit) (urine) (rotten food) (mold) (mildew) (fish) (skunk odor) (and) (other foul) smells 7. DEEP PENETRATING VAPOR ACTION 8. Removes foul odors from (car) or (truck interiors) from (cigar) or (cigarette smoke), (spoiled food), (pet odor), or (musty mold or mildew odors) 9. One unit will treat most cars or SUV’s 10. CAR ODOR ELIMINATOR 11. BOAT ODOR ELIMINATOR 12. FOR PROFRESSIONAL USE BY CULTIVATOR/ RESTORATOR/ TECHNICIAN/ CONTRACTOR/ VETERINARIAN/ CLINICIAN/ INSTALLER/ BUILDER 13. RV ODOR ELIMINATOR 14. Works [in] [as little as] (Overnight) (4-6 hours) (4 hours) 15. Removes Smoke, Food, Pet, and other Foul Smells 16. One unit will treat most cars and SUVs 17. Mold & Mildew Odor Control 18. A great way to deodorize the interior (after a fishing trip) (in a used car) (from) (alcohol) (cigar), (bait), (vomit), (puke) (throw up) (urine) (bodily fluid odors) (agricultural odors) (manure odors) (rotting plant odors) (hay smell) (farm odors) and (rotten) (spoiled) (decaying) (food smells) odors or to freshen the interior (before a dinner cruise). 19. ClO2 (chlorine dioxide) deodorizer 20. Deodorizer 21. Deodorizes 22. (Auto) (car) (truck) (cabin) (boat) (storage container) deodorizer 23. Odor remover 24. Odor control system 25. (Do it yourself) (DIY) [no expensive machines (machinery) required] 26. Deep penetrating [(ClO2) (chlorine dioxide)] [(vapor) (gas)] (action) 27. Removes residual odors 28. Ideal for long term storage 29. Ideal for use in (boats), (RVs), (Autos) & (Storage) (Containers) 30. Formulated to quickly control & Eliminate Mold/Mildew Odors & Other foul smells. 31. Take control 32. Own odor 33. Fast, Easy, Effective 34. Frequent (regular) use formula 35. Great for frequent use 36. [Controls] [Kills] [Eliminates] (tough) odors caused by (bacteria) (mold) (mildew). 37. [Controls] [Kills] [Eliminates] (tough) pet odors (caused by bacteria) 38. [Controls] [Kills] [Eliminates] odors caused by mold and mildew 39. Eliminates (removes) (tough) odors (caused by) (bacteria) (mold) (and) (mildew) 40. Gets to the heart of (tough) odors 41. Odor fighter 42. (Perfect for eliminating) (eliminates) tough odors at their source 43. (This product) Eliminates (tough) odors at their source

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